Life in London: Seeing the Streets


After living in London for 6 years and 2 of them without making use of a camera I took up photography properly in 2013 with the idea of seeing London from a different perspective – behind the lens. Stopping and noticing everyday life of the city and how it can be captured and appreciated. This can be seen in my London at night: Low light street photos and London Lives collection

Over the last few years I have discovered photography has opened many doors and have taken many photos and made many friends in different walks of life all through my interest in photography. I like to capture the moment and so street photography interests me. I also really enjoy portrait, fashion and event photography – trying to capture the personalities of my subjects and actual moments shown in Portraits about town and the Studio Portraits collections

This blog is  my thoughts in words and my pictures and aim to constantly update the links above and add many more.



April 2016





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