Lights, Camera, Action! : Event Photography


So far since Living in London I have been invited to a few events to take photographs based in conference centres, sports clubs and even an embassy. I’ve realised that this involves a lot of preparation to make sure that the moment is captured and not forgotten. As with any kind of work for a client understanding what is required beforehand (what kind of photos will be used and what story will be told through the photos)  is important then selecting the right tools and preparing for eventualities (failing memory cards, batteries and other technical issues as well as lighting including the weather). There is always something to learn and incorporates different genres of photography including life style to capture the moment as well as portraits. Living in a city like London there are always opportunities to take event photographs to many styles from corporate meetings, social parties and charity events.

At the beginning of May I attended the ‘Almuerzo Criollo’ charity event hosted by the Anglo Peruvian Society at the Thames Rowing Club in Putney, London  for Amantani UK and took my Fuji X100T a long to take photos.

Thank you to the Anglo Peruvian Society for letting me capture the event. The photos can be found on my events page

London, May 2016

Anglo Peruvian Society website:

Amantani UK:


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