Being prepared

benaffleck20160111_1-5065Working in Central London always means there is always something different going on and its not always possible to carry a bulky DSLR with lens every day. I always have my iPhone on me which is great for taking a photo to document the moment or for a night out with friends. However I always usually carry my Fuji X100T for being able take a photo which will allow me to capture the moment in a way I see fit.

On Wednesday 11th January I was walking along the south bank after work and Ben Affleck happened to be meeting fans for the Premier of his new movie at the BFI South Bank. I had the X100T on me so took a few photos, knowing I wouldn’t really be in a position to get a good portrait I decided to capture the atmosphere of an outdoor film premier in London’s mid winter and in the street style I have been working on over the past year and a half.

Take a look at my album  London at night: Low light street photos for more from this series.


London, January 2017

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