2020 Photography

Looking back at the year it started with London Fashion Week Mens at the beginning of January.

At that time life as we knew it was still normal, talk in the lounges at the British Fashion Council Show space in Shoreditch was looking ahead to the London Fashion Week shows in February. As well as how the next Menswear Fashion Week might look with its new concept and a post Brexit world for London Fashion. Little did we know then how the year might pan out…..

By the time the photo above was taken at the beginning of February, discussion about how Corona Virus was sweeping across Asia was the main topic.

Then by London Fashion Week in mid February Asian designers preparing to show in London had cancelled but it was relatively normal fashion week. Then the following week shows in Milan were being cancelled / re-designed for the Corona Virus.

4 weeks later here in the UK we went into full Lockdown

From a personal photography point of view it has been a year of reflecting on past photoshoots and events, looking at new processing techniques and able to take some photos over the summer.

Looking ahead to 2021 there is optimism with a vaccine on the horizon and how future fashion weeks might look outside of an online world.

From my point of view i’m simply wishing everyone I know in the Industry all the very best for 2021 and stay safe

Tom Edwards
London, November 2020

Photo above from winter fashion shoot with model Emilija Sniezkaite (Instagram @esniezkaite) taken on February 1st 2020

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