Fashion Show Photography in 2021

A year on from the London Fashion Week Mens shows before Covid-19 was really reported when we were enjoying the shows and socialising in the show spaces, clubs and bars talking of what is on the fashion horizon, we didn’t know what else was on the horizon.

The world obviously looks very different now along with what we consider “normal”. For me I can just hope that maybe by the Autumn I can get back into Fashion Show photography and fashion photography in general. For everyone else working in the industry I wish them well and hope that 2021 will look a lot better than 2020 did.

Happy New Year and Stay safe

Tom Edwards
London, January 2021

Photo above taken during the 8on8 GQ China show at London Fashion Week Mens AW20, January 2020

One thought on “Fashion Show Photography in 2021

  1. Hi Tom, we have really enjoyed looking through your beautiful work (thanks to your Dad for helping me figure out how to find it at last).

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